1. Buff the shine from natural nails.
  2. Clean oil and dust off with 90% rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.
  3. Apply a layer of base gel. 
  4. Cure the nails for 30 seconds under a LED lamp or 60 secs under a UV lamp. 
  5. Apply color gel polish. Depending on the color you will do 1-3 coats. Curing in-between coats. 
  6. Cure the nails with color gel for 60 seconds under a LED lamp or 2 min under a UV lamp. 
  7. Apply a layer of top coat. (wipe or no wipe)
  8. Cure the nails for 60 seconds under a LED lamp or 2 min under a UV lamp. 
  9. If you applied a no wipe topcoat, it’s finished. If you applied a wipe topcoat, remove the tacky layer with 90% rubbing alcohol. 

Gel Removal 

  1. Buff the shine off the surface of the nails.

2. Soak nails in acetone for 15 minutes. You can use a cotton ball with acetone on it, place it onto the nail and wrap in a small sheet of foil or use reusable clips. For faster removal, place the acetone in a small glass bowl and set that bowl inside a larger glass bowl that is filled with warm water. Warming the remover helps to speed up this process. 

3. Soak for 10-15 minutes. 

4. Push the gel off with a wooden pusher (orange stick) gently. 

5. Repeat soaking if the gel is not coming off easily. 

6. Wipe the nails with remover to finish.

*If removing gel from nail enhancements, it is best to file off the gel.