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How Our Program Works:

  • Sign up for your affiliate account
  • If approved, you will then receive a custom link.
  • Post your affiliate URL anywhere you like! (Blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.)
  • A buyer visits our website via your affiliate URL and place order(s) on our website
  • We handle the order, shipment, and billing. You earn the commission.


  • Free to join. No startup or maintenance fees.
  • Earn 5% commission on any sales you generate.
  • Commissions are calculated quarterly.
  • Payouts are done the first week of March, June, September, and December.

Referrals Who Don’t Buy Right Away:

If you refer someone and they don’t buy right away, when they revisit the site and purchase an item, you will be credited with the sale, as long as it occurs within 30 days of the original visit. You can check you referred orders at any time in the affiliate area.

Coupon Codes:

You may be contacted with a custom coupon code for your audience or pre-assigned one. If you are interested in one and haven’t been contacted or already assigned one, please send us an email with your affiliate ID number so we can set something up! *Coupon codes can not be combined with any other offers or sales.

Still need help?

Please email us with any further questions. ANYTIME! We’re always here to help! Please allow 48hrs for a reply.

Important To Note:

Acceptance into the Dimension Nails Affiliate program is not guaranteed. While we carefully consider every application submitted, applications may be rejected for the following reasons:

  1. Incomplete or false contact information
  2. Failure to disclose promotional methods
  3. Unacceptable website/ social media content, including promotion of activity considered illegal in the United States
  4. Inability to verify website(s) and e-mail(s).

To improve the likelihood of becoming a Dimension Nails affiliate please fill out this application fully and honestly. Fraudulent activity is not tolerated and will result in immediate account suspension and reversal of commissions.

*You must have a PayPal Payment Email to receive your commissions.

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