Ocean Micro Diamonds


Sprinkles aren’t just for vegan cupcakes! These micro diamonds are easy to apply and add huge bling to the nails.

Application: Place nail over a bowl or sheet of paper to catch any pieces that do not adhere to the nail. We recommend using a gel or gel builder to wet the entire nail and pour the sprinkles on. You can also use a regular topcoat or nail glue to wet the nail but the wear time will not be as long. Move the micro diamonds into the position you like keeping them off the edges of the nail. Cure or allow to dry. Seal the edges with a top coat to smooth it out.

  • Glass
  • Comes with a reusable screw top jar
  • Adds texture
  • Adds dimension
  • Adds sparkle
  • Try them with an accent nail
  • All sets contain a minimum of 500 pieces
  • 1.2 mm micro diamonds

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